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Know more about pain recovery and get health, fitness, and nutrition tips from the experts at LifeClinic.

Top Reasons to See A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are here for a good reason–they provide comfort and relief whatever your issue is, whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or can’t sleep because of stress. Still don’t know if you should visit one? Here are the top…

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How to Treat Forward Head Syndrome

March 18, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Do you use your smartphone, computer, and other electronic devices daily? As a result, do you exhibit incorrect posture with your head misaligned from the rest of your body? If so, you may be suffering from forward head syndrome. But…

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Top Reasons to See A Chiropractor to Improve Sports Performance

March 14, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Athletes undergo a lot of rigorous physical and mental training to achieve peak performance and fitness.  These activities can affect their joints and muscles, leading to joint stiffness and pain. When this happens, it may negatively impact their ability to…

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What to Expect Before And After a Chiropractic Adjustment

March 10, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Undergoing a chiropractic procedure can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. You may not know what to expect before and after the chiropractic adjustment. However, there’s nothing to worry about because the treatment is safe and causes minimal…

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What to Do After A Chiropractic Adjustment: 6 Tips For Aftercare

February 28, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles. It can also improve your overall well-being, especially when combined with lifestyle and diet changes recommended by an experienced chiropractor.  But muscle and joint recovery doesn’t just…

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Feeling it Out: 11 Easy Remedies for Pinched Nerves

February 10, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

When excessive force or pressure is placed on a specific nerve area, it may become damaged, resulting in a numbing or tingling sensation in the affected region. You may suffer from pinched nerves if you feel a recurring “pins-and-needles” sensation…

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5 Long-Term Effects of Herniated Disc in the Neck

February 8, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

It’s common for people to complain about neck pain without realizing what the real cause is. If you feel radiating pain in your neck, shoulder pain, and numbness or tingling in your arms and hand, it may be because you…

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Sacrum Misalignment: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

February 2, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

The sacrum, the triangular bone under the lumbar spine, plays an important role in your body’s functions. Here, you’ll find nerves that contribute to bowel and bladder control and provide sensation to the crotch. This bone also has a joint…

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10 Tips to Achieve Proper Desk Posture At Work

January 27, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

People with eight-hour workdays spend 50% of those days sitting at their desks. If you’ve formed improper sitting habits, they may cause poor posture. In turn, you may develop neck and back pain, muscle tension, and ultimately decreased mobility and…

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The 5 Benefits of Seeing A Chiropractor for a Teenager

January 9, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Aching bodies and muscles are typically associated with older adults, but teenagers aren’t spared from body pains.  For example, teenagers who engage in strenuous activities or have bad posture may experience spinal problems, neck pain, and back aches. When left…

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LifeClinic offers chiropractic treatments that can help ease your pain and discomfort. It is one of the three primary services that LifeClinic offers, alongside physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

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