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Meet the Team

David Lipetz - Physical Therapist

David Lipetz

Physical Therapist

David Lipetz graduated from Rutgers University and received his graduate degree from New York Medical College in Valhalla N.Y. He is dual board certified in spinal disorders and clinical orthopedics. He has been serving patients in the Garden City, Nassau County and Mineola area for 21 years. David was inspired to become a physical therapist from being a division I athlete and exposure to sports medicine daily. He was incredibly intriguing in how his team doctors would keep the athletes whole by maintaining the human body both physically and mentally. Additionally, he knew that he wanted to work in an environment in which he had direct one on one contact with other people that would result in an immediate change in their daily lives. To him, this was the most powerful motivating factor in choosing this profession. David started his professional career in Los Angeles, CA where he had a private practice and was an adjunct clinical professor for the DPT program at the University of Southern California. He enjoys incorporating “Biohacking” into his practice. Biohacking is the practice of managing your own biology using medical, nutritional, physical, or electronic techniques. His locations are now utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Radial Shockwave Therapy in conjunction with diagnostic ultrasound imaging. David currently lives in Long Island, N.Y., where he runs both the Garden City and Syosset locations. He is also the creator of RIPS which is an educational tool on injury management for doctors and trainers. RIPS is utilized across the country. In his spare time, David enjoys spending quality time with his family and watching his daughter compete in elite gymnastics throughout the country.

Dr. Anthony Mannarino - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Anthony Mannarino

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Anthony Mannarino graduated from Adelphi University with a BS in Exercise Science in 2004 and received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY Stony Brook in 2007. He has been serving patients in the Garden City, Nassau County and Mineola area for 13 years. Dr. Anthony was inspired to become a physical therapist after being a certified ACSM personal trainer and fitness instructor for four years prior. He knew that he wanted to help people beyond just their fitness but help them overcome their injuries as well. His background in exercise physiology was the perfection foundation to begin his studies as a Physical Therapist. He enjoys the process of helping people improve their lives by showing them that their physical limitations can be changed without the use of surgery and medications. He feels that spending time with and educating patients is just as valuable as the treatment itself. Dr. Anthony has particular interest and specializes in in general orthopedics, spine, custom foot orthotics and the use of radial shockwave therapy to treat a variety of muscle and tendon injuries.

Dr. Victoria Cicchetti - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Victoria Cicchetti

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Victoria Cicchetti graduated at the top of her class, receiving her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University, and her Bachelors in Exercise Science from SUNY Cortland. Dr. Cicchetti was inspired to become a physical therapist after growing up as an ice hockey player. Being a competitive athlete, she has always embraced and valued the idea of teamwork. Linked with her desire to be a part of the healthcare field, physical therapy was a perfect career path, allowing her to merge two of her passions. She believes physical therapy can only be successful if there is a cohesive relationship between the therapist and patient, working as a team to meet a common goal. Her passion for physical therapy is driven by the multifaceted aspect of the profession. Due to the variety and the need for individualized patient care, she embraces the challenge of continuous clinical reasoning and analysis of physiological movement to develop an appropriate plan of care unique to each patient. Dr. Cicchetti believes that the best part about being a physical therapist and treating patients is the reward of being able to follow her patients throughout their rehab journey and observe their progress. She states that there is no better feeling than knowing that her guidance has objectively made a difference in another individuals’ life, allowing them to reach their movement goals and positively impacting their quality of life. Through her experiences, Dr. Cicchetti has developed a wide variety of skills for treating both orthopedic conditions as well as neurological conditions and balance type dysfunctions. Additionally, in order to further develop her skills for treating patients with Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Cicchetti has received her certification in the LSVT BIG program. This Certification has provided her with additional techniques to successfully treat individuals with Parkinson’s disease and maximize their functional potential.

Garden City, NY Chiropractic Services

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Hands & Wrists
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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can provide several benefits to patients who are suffering from limited movement. Our team uses either special equipment or a manual approach, whichever they see the best fit in treating your pain. Moreover, our various procedures can reduce recurrence in the future.

Manual Therapy

This specialized form of physical therapy is performed with the hands. The physical therapist will first assess your condition to pinpoint specific regions of your body. Pressure will then be applied to various areas, targeting muscle tissue and manipulating joints. Manual therapy can decrease the pain and discomfort you feel.

Physical Therapy Modalities

A therapeutic modality is a tool that aids in muscle reeducation. It also promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself by decreasing pain and complications that come along with it. Your physical therapist at LifeClinic of Garden City will find the best treatment plan suitable for you. Examples of therapeutic modalities include hot and cold packs, ultrasound scans, and electrical stimulation.

Therapeutic Exercises & Functional Training

Functional training uses whole-body integration in preparing your body for your daily activities. It develops body strength, promotes balance, and boosts body awareness. Similarly, therapeutic exercises are movements prescribed by your doctor. These exercises can correct impairments and restore musculoskeletal function.

Physical Therapy

Apart from physical therapy, LifeClinic of Garden City also offers special services that can aid in your recovery. These services use specialized tools and equipment to treat your condition. 

Normatec Compression

Normatec Compression uses pulsated massage patterns to expedite your recovery. The pneumatic compression fights inflammation, massages your limbs, and mobilizes fluid. Its design features leg boots that are like large blood pressure cuffs. 

The mechanism in the leg boots removes waste products through lactic acid and lymphatic flushing. It also reduces swelling in your body’s various regions by improving and enhancing circulation in your legs. Moreover, it prevents first-stage varicose veins. 

Normatec Compression is most beneficial for athletes such as cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and basketball and soccer players. Those who are on their feet all day can also enjoy this physical therapy’s many benefits. These include professions such as doctors, construction workers, photographers, and teachers. Additionally, a person with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or any circulation condition can undergo this procedure.

Shockwave Therapy

This special service is effective in helping the body heal itself. It stimulates the body’s metabolism and enhances blood circulation to promote tissue regeneration.

Shockwave therapy uses a device to produce a fast-moving projectile. The rapid movement is controlled by a compressor and creates radial shockwaves that spread and are absorbed throughout the body. Your doctor may adjust the frequency and pressure of the waves depending on your needs.

This form of physical therapy is derived from kidney stone pulverizers. The procedure is short, lasting for only around 8-10 minutes, and may cause some sensitivity. Shockwave therapy often comes with some form of exercise that patients can do at home.

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