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Celebrate Summer With Optimal Mobility

Celebrate Summer With Optimal Mobility


Reclaim Mobility From An Injury Or Condition


Work To Prevent A Recurrence Of The Initial Issue, As Well As Future Injuries Or Conditions


Take Performance To The Next Level

It is our mission at LifeClinic, to provide our patients service of uncompromising quality. Our non-invasive treatment methods help patients restore, maintain, and optimize their health.

We have LifeClinic locations spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, find one near you!

Patient Testimonials

“FINALLY Medicine Free”

“I originally started coming to the LifeClinic because I had been in a car accident and needed readjustment. When I started my treatment, I was on medication for high blood pressure and seasonal allergies. We discovered my atlas was out of place which, coincidentally, is related to blood pressure. I have since been able to work with my primary care physician to completely come off the blood pressure medication as well as the allergy medication. FINALLY medicine free – thanks, LifeClinic!”

-Erin S.


“I’m thrilled to say I now live pain free!”

“I started seeing Dr. Judon at the Lifeclinic several months ago after living with chronic lower back pain, misaligned hips, and headaches for many years. I’m thrilled to say I now live pain free! Dr. Judon and my trainer worked together to fix my issues and strengthen my back through the process. The time and care Dr. Judon has spent in my appointments to help me has been wonderful! To be able to lift very heavy weights & work daily in a stressful job, but live completely pain free is a real gift to my health and overall well-being. I highly recommend the services at Lifeclinic Franklin!”

-Krista J. Franklin TN

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