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Eli L.  Westchester, NY

“I herniated a disc in July and went the traditional route of epidurals and PT. I also tried acupuncture. None of these methods did much to improve my situation. However, after only a few visits with Dr Maloney (chiropractor), I have made fairly significant strides. Dr Maloney actually listened and analyzed my injury,. As such, he is targeting areas of weakness and positioning me for longer-term health. I was a skeptic, turned huge believer.”

Kyle F.     Eden Prairie, MN

“For the better part of the last four years I’ve dealt with knee pain that’s prevented me from engaging in some of the activities I love most. Any running for an extended period of time produced a dull pain that stopped me in my tracks. After several bouts with various physical therapists, I’d seen only partial improvement. I’d go a couple weeks without pain, only to find it reappear. Things escalated when I developed some ankle pain I hadn’t dealt with before. The unpredictability of when and where pain would strike drove me mad.

I scheduled an appointment with a local physical therapist, hoping, but not certain, things would be different this time around. By happenstance, a week before that appointment, I met Dr. Chris Lauer from Life Clinic’s Chanhassen location. He was confident they could help. I decided to give Life Clinic a shot, cancelled my other PT appointment, and scheduled an assessment. After 2 1/2 months of appointments with Chris and his team, I’m now playing basketball twice a week (full strength) with no pain, not to mention training for a 10 Mile race!

Life Clinic offers a blend of chiropractic care combined with rehab / physical therapy. I’ve loved this, as the combo with physical therapy has provided tools (exercises, stretches, etc.) I can use beyond my appointments. They set me up with a clear plan for success. Scheduling has been flexible and easy, too. Cardi (lead coordinator) is extremely helpful. I’ve been able to schedule same-week appointments and don’t have to wait weeks (I had to wait months with other physical therapy clinics).

What I’ve loved most about Life Clinic is the knowledgeability of their team. Chris is just what you want in a doctor: knowledgeable, down to earth, and focused on preventative and long-term care. He’s answered numerous questions and provided invaluable guidance for me in my journey. His expertise has provided peace of mind that I’m on the right track, with the results to prove it. If you’re looking to make a full recovery and put the days of pain behind you, you’ve got to check out Life Clinic!” 

Rabbi Hayim H. Ph.D.     St. Louis Park, MN

“The team approach of an exceptional physical therapist, Dr. Josiah Thunshelle, and outstanding personal trainer, John Rock has dramatically improved my quality of life. My only regret is that I didn’t meet them sooner.” 

Chris H.  Plymouth, MN 

“Dr Katrina and Dr Dan are both professional and friendly; I have several joint injuries making recovery complex and difficult. They worked with me each step of the way and helped me find ways to incorporate the new exercises in the my daily life. Top notch – cannot recommend enough!!!”

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