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Boca Raton, FL Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

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Lifeclinic of Boca Raton, FL

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Restore, maintain and optimize your body.

Accidents, daily tasks, and other factors can all lead to an injury. In turn, an injury could trigger pain anywhere in your body. For instance, you might experience mild or severe pain, depending on the severity of your case.

Pain can affect your extremities, bones, or soft tissues which could have a negative impact on your body’s function. For instance, an aching extremity could prevent you from performing tasks such as working, exercising, or cooking. The pain could limit your mobility, as well.

Apart from affecting function and movement, discomfort can negatively impact your mood and relationships. Pain may lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Moreover, you might grow distant from your loved ones because of the pain you feel.

Treating chronic pain can help you improve your overall health. Our LifeClinic of Boca Raton can help you restore function and mobility. Our team will help you identify risk factors and single out the root causes so you can get back to enjoying the activities you love.

LifeClinic’s chiropractic and physical rehabilitation center in Boca Raton, FL helps treat various injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Our treatments will help you restore, maintain, and optimize human function. Plus, we help your body heal naturally. Partner with us and we’ll help you achieve optimal health.

Boca Raton, FL Chiropractic Services

Neck & Back
Neck & Back
Shoulders & Arms
Shoulders & Arms
Hands & Wrists
Hands & Wrists
Feet & Ankles
Feet & Ankles
Hips & Knees
Hips & Knees
Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance
Work & Auto Accidents
Work & Auto Accidents

Boca Raton, FL Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services are designed to help you perform daily tasks again. Moreover, our techniques can also help you improve fine motor skills and regain balance. Using adaptive tools can also help you enhance body function.

Nutritional Counseling

We can also provide nutritional counseling to help you stay healthy and prevent reinjury. This type of rehabilitation helps us determine the best diet plan and exercise routine for you.

Pain Treatment

Pain treatment can help you move easily and participate actively in rehabilitation. Some types of treatment you can expect include passive therapies, massages, or acupuncture.

Assistive Devices

If you want to restore movement and function, assistive devices can help you get one step closer to reaching that goal. Walkers, canes, and crutches are some tools that we use for patient rehabilitation.

Conditions We Treat


Arthritis is a musculoskeletal condition that results in joint inflammation. People with arthritis may experience pain, stiffness, swelling, and even paralysis. In some cases, you may even experience fatigue and get a fever. Injury, heredity, and infection are some underlying causes of arthritis.

Back Pain

Back pain can affect your upper or lower back. However, it may also spread to another part of your body. Usually, pain in your back is felt while walking, standing, or working. 

Common causes of back pain include accidents, lifting heavy objects, strenuous activity, and certain ailments. Meanwhile, its symptoms include leg pain and fever.


Fibromyalgia is a form of arthritis that targets your muscles and soft tissues. Widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep problems are some of its symptoms. Fibromyalgia might affect your mental and emotional well-being, as well.

Certain factors can put you at risk of developing fibromyalgia, such as repetitive stress injuries.

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Patellofemoral syndrome can stem from any knee issues. It can occur with overuse, foot problems, or other causes.

Typically, knee pain can be felt in front of the kneecap. However, the pain can also extend to within or behind it. Some movements or activities such as running, kneeling, or getting up from a chair can trigger knee pain, as well.


Sciatica is a type of nerve pain that affects any of your legs. It can run from your lower back down to your leg. In particular, an irritated or compressed sciatic nerve can cause sciatica.

Symptoms of sciatica include leg pain and weakness. Moreover, it can trigger sensations like numbness and tingling.


Scoliosis is a condition characterized by a twisted, curved spine. It has no exact cause, but idiopathic scoliosis tends to run in families. 

Some signs that could point to scoliosis include clothes that hang unevenly when worn. Another sign is a prominent, sideway curve in the back when undressed. Moderate or severe scoliosis can affect your ability to walk and move.

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