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Upper Back Pain Treatment


Your upper back is a stable structure for your rib cage and internal organs in your chest. Even though your upper back doesn’t ache as much as your neck and lower back, you may still feel some pain, which can either feel abrupt or gradual.

Depending on the cause, you might feel mild or chronic upper back pain. A painful upper back can prevent you from moving freely and performing daily tasks, including office work. Moreover, the pain may take a toll on your mental well-being. Treating an aching upper back will help you improve your overall health and continue your daily activities.

Several remedies can help you manage upper back pain, from stretches to proper bedrest. But if you’re looking to relieve your pain naturally, consider trying chiropractic care or physical therapy. LifeClinic offers these treatments which are designed to help you restore, maintain, and optimize your upper back’s function. We’ll identify the root cause of your pain and provide treatment so you can keep doing what you love.

To jumpstart your recovery, we’ll ask you about your medical history and lifestyle. We’ll also listen to your reasons for seeking out upper back pain treatment. Then, we’ll conduct a physical exam to get a closer look at your condition. Our observations and findings will then inform your treatment plan.

Take your first step toward recovery with LifeClinic as your partner. We’re committed to giving you the best treatment for your back pain.


Treat Upper Back Pain with Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy

LifeClinic’s chiropractors and physical therapists will work with you to manage your pain and improve your health. Let’s look at how our team can help you recover from upper back pain so you can resume your everyday routine.

Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Pain Relief

Our chiropractic services consist of various treatments that can help you address pain and improve your quality of life. Our chiropractic services can help promote optimal function and health.

  • Spinal Adjustment – A spinal adjustment helps our chiropractors realign your spine to alleviate upper back pain.
  • Corrective Exercise – Through corrective exercises, you can strengthen your back muscles and prevent further injuries.
  • Nutritional Counseling – We recommend lifestyle changes to help you maintain a healthy upper back.

Manage Your Pain Through Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care can help you manage your back pain without side effects. Give this treatment a try if you want to achieve safe and natural pain relief.

  • Personalized Treatment – Our team will create a personalized treatment plan based on your patient interview and physical exam results.
  • Holistic Care – We combine chiropractic care with other treatments to help you achieve optimal health.
  • Better Health – Our chiropractic treatments don’t simply reduce back pain; they can also contribute to mental well-being and improve your body’s other functions.

Physical Therapy for Upper Back Pain

A strained muscle from poor posture often causes an aching upper back. With physical therapy, you can treat upper back pain causes through the following:.

  • Deep Tissue Massage – Our physical therapists use deep tissue massages to relax tense muscles and treat muscle spasms in your upper back.
  • Corrective Exercise – Corrective exercises will help you improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and strengthen your muscles and core.
  • Exercise Program – Our exercise programs include cardio exercises and strength training. These exercises can help you lower your risk of re-injury so you can improve overall your health.

Improve Upper Back Function with Physical Therapy

Before starting your physical therapy program, you’ll go through an initial consultation. During your first meeting, our physical therapists will discuss your condition and provide a diagnosis.

  • Patient Interview – We’ll conduct an interview to learn about your condition and lifestyle.
  • Physical Assessment – We conduct tests to identify possible causes of your pain as well as issues with your upper back.
  • Personalized Therapy – We’ll plan your physical therapy plan based on your overall health and medical history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft tissue injuries and tense muscles are the most common reasons behind a painful upper back. You can experience upper back pain because of poor posture, overwork, repetitive movements, or excessive contact sports. Moreover, unnaturally twisting your body and carrying heavier objects can hurt your upper back.

Some medical conditions can also be the cause, such as traumatic injuries, herniated discs, pinched nerves, and musculoskeletal conditions.

Common symptoms include pain, tightness, stiffness, and tenderness in your upper back. The pain may also make you more prone to headaches. These symptoms often stem from strained back muscles.

Sometimes, the bones, nerves, or discs in your upper back trigger the pain. As a result, you might experience lower back pain and sciatica. Additionally, the pain can cause numb or weak legs.

Typically, upper back pain will subside within a week or two. Proper rest and taking medicine can help your pain heal within one or two days.

But in some cases, the pain can return or persist despite ongoing treatment. Consulting a doctor will help you identify what causes your pain and so you can get the right care for it.

If you’re feeling mild or moderate pain, taking medicine, applying a hot or cold compress, or engaging in exercise can help with pain relief. You can also soothe your pain with enough rest and good posture. And if the pain comes from stress, helping your mind relax can reduce the discomfort.

Injections might help relieve your pain, as well. However, they only provide temporary relief. Other upper back pain remedies include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and surgery.


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At LifeClinic, our approach to treatment is centered on helping you maintain, restore, and optimize your body’s overall function.

We address various pain symptoms including acute pain, chronic pain, and pain caused by an injury or underlying condition.

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