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Extremity Pain Treatment


Performing daily activities relies on consistently using your shoulder and hip joints. However, these joints can sustain injuries because of various causes. For instance, aching muscles, bones, or nerves can hurt your shoulders or hips. Sometimes, you may experience pain in your extremities.

Extremity pain slowly starts in your arm, leg, or foot and can affect your quality of life since you won’t be able to move freely. Typically, extremity issues are linked with dysfunction of the neck and back. For example, numbness in the hands may result from tightness in the shoulders or joint fixation in the neck. 

Likewise, foot pain conditions like plantar fasciitis (the inflammation of a thick band of tissue on the bottom of the foot connecting the heel bone to the toes) or foot misalignment can lead to chronic pain in your back, knees, and hips. These issues are common among runners and those with occupations that keep them on their feet, such as factory workers and teachers.

Chronic arm, leg, or foot pain can affect your mood and relationships and your body’s ability to function properly. Managing your pain will help you improve your overall health so you can keep doing what you love.

Treating extremity pain is possible through several methods. When you partner with LifeClinic for your recovery, we will help you identify the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan. We offer chiropractic care and physical therapy to restore, maintain, and optimize human function.

Your treatment starts during your first visit. We’ll conduct a patient interview and a physical exam to take a closer look at your medical history, lifestyle, and current condition. Then, we’ll summarize our findings and develop your treatment plan. Our services will help you relieve pain and achieve optimal function in your extremities.

Don’t let an aching arm, leg, or foot keep you off your feet. Let LifeClinic help you restore function and regain control over your life. Together, we achieve a better and healthier you.


Treat Arm & Leg Pain with Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy

LifeClinic offers chiropractic care and physical therapy for painful arms and legs. Let’s take a look at how these treatments can help you manage extremity pain

Get Chiropractic Care to Relieve an Aching Arm or Leg

If you’re dealing with an aching extremity, chiropractic treatment may help with pain relief. It’s a safe, non-invasive option for arm and leg pain.

  • Personalized Treatment Our personalized treatment plans consider your needs, and we employ specific methods to address your pain.
  • Holistic Care We combine chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy, rehabilitation, and muscle and joint therapy to provide well-rounded, holistic care.
  • Better Health You can also improve your mental and neurological health through our chiropractic services for extremity pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Arm or Leg Pain

Chiropractic care can help you manage arm and leg discomfort through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, and targeted exercises.

  • Chiropractic Adjustment – Aligning the arm, neck, and shoulders and applying chiropractic leg adjustments will help your joints and muscles move and work better.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy – Soft tissue therapy soothes aching, inflamed joints. It also lowers your risk for re-injury and reduces muscle spasms. In turn, you can improve posture and circulation.
  • Strengthening Exercises – These exercises can help strengthen weak, tense muscles and improve your flexibility and endurance.

Manage Extremity Pain Through Physical Therapy

You may also opt for physical therapy to treat painful extremities. Our physical therapy services focus on easing your pain and improving your overall health.

  • Patient Interview – Our team will talk to you and collect details about your condition and lifestyle.
  • Physical Examination – We’ll assess the affected extremity to identify the root cause of your pain. Moreover, you’ll get a more accurate diagnosis through a physical exam.
  • Personalized Treatment – We’ll create a treatment plan designed for optimum health and a better quality of life.

Physical Therapy for Arm Pain or Leg Discomfort

Our physical therapists use various methods to relieve arm and leg pain. Our treatment can help improve the range of motion, flexibility, and function of your affected extremities.

  • Range of Motion Exercises – This type of exercise involves performing specific stretches to restore motion and minimize muscle tension.
  • Muscle Strengthening – We can recommend strengthening exercises targeted at weak muscles. With these exercises, you can strengthen your muscles and improve endurance.
  • Passive Therapy – Along with exercise, we may include physical therapy modalities like hot and cold therapy and nerve stimulation in your treatment plan. This form of passive therapy can improve tissue mobility and flexibility, and speed up recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extremity pain can be felt in your lower or upper extremities. Depending on the cause, this ache can feel dull for mild cases, and severe for more serious complications. Overuse and pinched nerves often trigger arm or leg pain. The symptoms for extremity pain include swelling, numbness, tingling, cramping, and weakness.

Your level of activity could trigger extremity pain, as well. It can occur while you’re exercising, working, or moving. But in some cases, the pain in your arm or leg could be constant, even without moving at all.

Most of the time, damage and overuse might result in an achy leg. For instance, you can get leg pain from joint, bone, or soft tissue injuries. Some of these injuries include ACL injuries, muscle cramps, and sprains.

Sometimes, leg pain may stem from problems in your lower spine. Growth plate fractures and herniated discs are some conditions that cause an aching leg. Other causes include blood clots, varicose veins, and poor blood circulation.

Injuries and falls are the most common causes of an aching arm. Other causes could be a strained muscle or tendon. Moreover, your arm could hurt because of overuse or from performing repetitive movements.

Bruising, sprains, and fractures can also result in an achy arm. And in some cases, the pain may spread to other parts of your body, and not just your arm.

Mild pain often subsides by taking proper rest or pain relievers, and performing stretching exercises. You may also apply a warm compress to the affected area or take antibiotics to soothe the pain. For chronic pain, however, you may want to look into physical therapy or consider surgery.

Other services we offer

At LifeClinic, our approach to treatment is centered on helping you maintain, restore, and optimize your body’s overall function.

We address various pain symptoms including acute pain, chronic pain, and pain caused by an injury or underlying condition.

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