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Fibromyalgia Treatment


Fibromyalgia is a long-term musculoskeletal disorder that causes pain all over the body. This chronic pain disorder affects millions of people each year. However, it shares similar symptoms with other conditions, making it easy to misdiagnose.

Fibromyalgia causes a lot of pain and discomfort, which can impact many aspects of your life, from your ability to perform daily tasks to your sleep quality and even your appetite. For this reason, this disorder tends to affect patients’ mental and physical health. As fibromyalgia affects quality of life, a change in routine, habits, and diet is crucial.

Chiropractors and physical therapists believe that the body is a complex system composed of individual parts that are interconnected. Fibromyalgia is one of the many conditions that could result from muscles, bones, and joints not working harmoniously.

Our doctors can locate and treat fibromyalgia tender points with intensive procedures such as applying targeted pressure or stretching. Our chiropractors will perform adjustments to help realign joints for improved motion and a more natural position. Our physical therapists can also add specific exercises and joint mobilization that can ease the pain that fibromyalgia brings.

LifeClinic aims to restore, maintain, and optimize human functions and well-being through its chiropractic services. Our team of healthcare professionals will develop a treatment customized to your needs. Our dedicated chiropractors and physical therapists will factor in your specific situation, lifestyle, and needs to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Achieve natural body healing and take a step towards optimal health and wellness with chiropractic care. Prevent further complications and better manage your physical health through regular sessions at LifeClinic.


Fibromyalgia Treatment

Chiropractic care and physical therapy don’t only treat back pain and poor posture, they also offer myriad benefits to fibromyalgia patients. Take a look at how LifeClinic can help treat and manage your pain disorder.

Options for Treating Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic care and physical therapy are non-invasive and non-addictive alternatives to prescriptions and OTC medications. These all-natural procedures are premised on allowing the body to heal itself. Chiropractors and physical therapists treat your body as one whole interconnected system wherein treating one body part affects other parts. It would require regular sessions to achieve the optimum benefits of these treatment approaches..

Benefits of Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy for People with Fibromyalgia

Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy offer numerous benefits for fibromyalgia patients. Pain brought about by this disorder is often severe, widespread, and can cause the patient to stop being active altogether. With physical therapy, you can help retain and regain muscle tone and get the physical exercise you need.

The adjustments and exercises reset the nervous system so it can process pain more efficiently. There are 20 different kinds of nerve endings in your body that send signals to your brain and spinal cord. These signals travel to the area where you feel the stimuli. Fibromyalgia pain is considered a glitch in the way the brain perceives pain by making people more sensitive to painful stimuli than someone with fibromyalgia.

Moreover, our doctors will also recommend lifestyle modifications such as exercising or finding ways to control the pain without medication. If you spend most of your time sitting down, your chiro might suggest regular walks to get those muscles moving.

A well-balanced diet can help ease your fibromyalgia symptoms. Our doctors may offer nutritional recommendations or create a healthy diet plan that’s suited to your needs. With this holistic approach that targets the different contributors to fibromyalgia, you can work towards a pain-free life without relying on medications.

Understanding Fibromyalgia Tender Points

Most signs of fibromyalgia are similar with those of other pain disorders. There are currently no laboratory tests that can detect the condition. What a chiropractor can do is rule out other conditions or exert pressure on specific locations known as “tender spots.” In 1990, the American College of Rheumatology identified 18 areas that may or may not be your fibromyalgia tender points. These are part of a diagnostic test and are a common tool to determine your condition.

Each fibromyalgia tender point is about a penny’s size and is located around the neck, chest, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. A chiropractor will apply pressure on these points and pain should be felt to be considered tender. Often, fibromyalgia is left undiagnosed because the pain in these points tends to be fluctuating and inconsistent. You may feel pain in all 18 tender points in one test and ten the next.

Misdiagnosis of Fibromyalgia

Diagnosing fibromyalgia can be difficult as it has similar symptoms with other conditions. A chiropractor is equipped with advanced methods and technologies to accurately diagnose fibromyalgia or discover another cause of your symptoms so you get the most suitable treatment possible.

Other medical conditions that mimic fibromyalgia symptoms include:

  • Muscle or ligament strain – Doing strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or extensive stretching can trigger muscle pain, as well as abrupt and repetitive movements.
  • Inflammatory arthritis – It is an inflammatory condition that is caused by an overactive immune system attacking the joints.
  • Scoliosis – This condition is the sideward curve of your spine and can start as early as childhood and gradually progress, or can develop from degeneration over time in the elderly usually. 
  • Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis is known as the “wear and tear” arthritis because it develops over time or from an injury. It results in the breakdown of the cartilage and bony overgrowth of the joint. It is one of the most common causes of chronic back pain among older people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fibromyalgia is hereditary. Having an immediate or first-degree relative with the condition also increases your risk. Experts have found that there is a specific chromosome region that is involved in the development of fibromyalgia.

There are various fibromyalgia symptoms you should keep an eye out for. A widespread and constant dull ache on both sides of your body and above and below the waist that drag on for over three months is a common sign. Feeling tired after long periods of sleep and having cognitive difficulties such as inability to focus or pay attention are also potential fibromyalgia symptoms.

Chiropractic practitioners and physical therapists believe that the body can heal itself. What they do is prompt this natural healing ability with a variety of methods to help lessen pain and other symptoms. Some parts of the spinal vertebrae may be slightly out of their position, restricted, or locked, which could eventually contribute to fibromyalgia.

A chiropractor or physical therapist locates your fibromyalgia tender points then applies targeted specific pressure, stretches them, and performs adjustments aimed at easing pain, restoring joint motion, and promoting natural healing.

These treatments can reduce the pain you feel all while improving your range of motion and strength. With simple adjustments on different parts of your body like your spine and neck, your fibromyalgia can become more manageable.

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At LifeClinic, our approach to treatment is centered on helping you maintain, restore, and optimize your body’s overall function.

We address various pain symptoms including acute pain, chronic pain, and pain caused by an injury or underlying condition.

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