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Blog: Experience Life is the award-winning whole-life health and fitness magazine dedicated to empowering people to become their healthiest selves.

10 Tips to Help Your Body Rest and Repair

Functional-medicine doc Aviva Romm’s replenish-repair kit helps bring your hormones into balance.


Seeking Alignment

Sports chiropractic is great when you’ve got a hitch in your giddyup. But it can also improve performance, prevent injuries and support your general fitness program.

The Happiness Curve

Feeling gloomy in your middle years? Award-winning journalist Jonathan Rauch tells us why life gets better after 50.

What You Need to Know About Autoimmunity

Three experts talk about the autoimmunity epidemic — and how to reverse it.


Do You Have Tendonitis — or Tendinosis?

There are two distinctive tendon injuries: tendonitis and tendinosis. Knowing the difference can help you heal the damage a lot faster.

What You Need to Know About Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a powerful wellness trend — but are they a cure-all, a marketing scheme, or something in between?

DIY Facial Lymphatic Massage

This easy self-care technique can help clear your head of congestion and sinus pressure.

Reclaim Your Sleep Rhythm

How to reset your internal clock and get the rest you need.


An Integrative Approach for IBS Relief

Irritable bowel syndrome affects millions of people, but an integrative approach may provide relief.

Natural Pain Relievers

Tools and techniques for managing chronic pain — without opioids.


A Pain in the Foot

Plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory condition, can present a stubborn fitness obstacle. But with the right treatment and self-care strategy, it can be tamed.

The Living Experiment: Forgiveness

How releasing past hurts can be helpful.


How to Prevent Migraines

New research offers promising treatments for these extreme headaches.


How to Manage Chronic Pain Naturally

An evolving understanding of pain is leading us to treatments that are safer — and more effective — than opioids

How to Use a Foam Roller for Your Upper Back

Foam rolling your upper body muscles can be tricky. Our expert’s guidance and foam-roller exercises will help you make the right moves and target back pain.

Five Wellness Trends to Embrace This Summer

Here are a few self-care strategies to jump-start your health this year.


The Desk-Dweller’s Repair Plan

Tired of hunched shoulders, a sore back, and tight hips? These six moves are a great cure for the common computer slouch.

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