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Lifeclinic of Eagan , MN

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Restore, maintain and optimize your body.

Rheumatic conditions and physical injuries can change your quality of life — from your health to your daily activities.

Rheumatic ailments make simple tasks challenging and limit one’s activities. Patients can even give up their hobbies and pursue other careers to deal with these conditions. Meanwhile, physical injuries can impact one’s mobility, career growth, and mental health, among other aspects.

Chiropractic care can help you manage any rheumatic condition or physical injury, ease your pain, and keep your body at its best. It’s also a non-invasive, natural treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions. Plus, chiropractic care can help you achieve stronger muscles, better flexibility, and better range of motion.

At LifeClinic of Eagan, restoring, maintaining, and optimizing human function is our mission. Our chiropractic care and injury rehabilitation center in Eagan helps patients handle existing conditions through different adjustments and services.

Meet the Team

Dr. Jacob Lesher - Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jacob Lesher

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Jacob Lesher graduated from the University of St. Thomas and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College. He has been serving patients in the Eagan, Mendota Heights, and Dakota County area for eight years. Dr. Jacob was inspired to seek a career in chiropractic after being exposed to chiropractic at a very young age. Seeing his father treated for many chronic back issues he had to deal with at his job as a service technician for large medical equipment. This then became a true inspiration. When a chiropractor came and spoke during his AP biology class in high school, he thought it was so cool how the body could be affected through chiropractic therapies. He enjoys getting people back to doing the things they love and teaching them now to strive for physical goals they didn’t think was possible. Dr. Jacob has particular interest in active care and corrective exercise. He loves using body mechanics and functional movements to not only work through issues but improve performance. Dr. Jacob utilizes techniques in physiotherapy and rehabilitative exercise, as well as several forms of myofascial release and strives to deliver the highest level of care to his patients, so they can work toward and accomplish their health and wellness goals.

Dr. Emily Yenter - Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Emily Yenter

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Emily Yenter graduated from the University of Wisconsin– La Crosse and received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University. She has been serving patients in the Eagan, Mendota Heights, and Dakota County area for five years. Dr. Emily uses gentle hands-on adjusting techniques and specializes in treating athletes and pregnant women as well as people of all ages. Dr. Emily is passionate about helping people continue doing what they love.

Dr. Dan Brasket - Chiropractor

Dr. Dan Brasket


Eagan, MN Chiropractic Services

Neck & Back
Shoulders & Arms
Hands & Wrists
Feet & Ankles
Hips & Knees
Athletic Performance
Work & Auto Accidents

Eagan Chiropractic Adjustments

Spine Adjustment

Spinal adjustments involve applying controlled, sudden force to spinal joints by hand or with a small device. These adjustments help patients achieve better spinal movement and bodily function. With an optimally-functioning spine, you can reduce your risk of injury and perform everyday or specialized activities at your best.

Hip Adjustment

Pain in the hips can lead to serious mobility issues. It can limit your ability to stay active, which could lead to other health problems. Hip adjustments help relax tight muscles and ease imbalances in the legs. These chiropractic manipulations might lead to better flexibility, stronger hips, and better positioning.

Back Adjustment

This type of chiropractic adjustment can help ease one’s back pain — specifically acute back pain. Get back to performing your daily activities at optimal strength, mobility, and range of motion with our back adjustments.

Full Body Adjustment

Nothing can be more painful and debilitating than full body pain. Plus, not all OTC pain medications can ease full body pain. Full body adjustments cover manipulations to different joints in the body. These adjustments not only help ease chronic or acute full body pain, but they also help you achieve better blood flow and even improve your mobility and brain function.

Tailbone Adjustment

Tailbone pain can be incapacitating, limiting your ability to enjoy everyday tasks and sleeping comfortably. The discomfort and mobility restrictions caused by this bodily pain can also affect your sleep quality and mental health. Our tailbone adjustments treat most types of tailbone pain. With these treatments, our chiropractors can realign the coccyx’s structure, minimize its swelling, and stretch its ligaments.

Eagan, MN

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