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man leaning on knees after workout

Understanding Patellar Tendonitis or Jumper’s Knee

Patellar tendonitis or jumper’s knee is a common injury from overworking one’s knee joint. This condition is often characterized by pain or soreness whenever you try to walk, run, or jump. This blog will discuss what patellar tendonitis is and… ...
people practicing yoga

What are the Different Types of Yoga?

Are you looking for a different form of low-impact exercise to keep your mind and body healthy? September is National Yoga Month, so it might be a sign for you to give yoga a try. Yoga combines physical activity, proper… ...
woman doing yoga for beginners

Yoga for Beginners: 8 Poses to Try

Yoga is one of the go-to exercises if you’re looking to improve your flexibility. Regularly doing yoga stretches your joints, strengthens your muscles, and relieves body aches. All you need is a yoga mat and you’re good to go. If… ...
man going for a run to condition his legs & knees

4 Exercises That Are Easy on the Knees

Walking and running are some of the simplest but most effective exercises that you can do to achieve a healthier lifestyle. However, with running comes possible knee problems. What specific exercises for knee pain can you do if you’re suffering… ...
women stretching for flexibility

How to Improve Flexibility: Stretches and Exercises

Do you often find yourself with an aching back after tending to your garden for too long? Is bending down to get objects from the floor becoming too much of a burden recently? Chances are your flexibility needs work and… ...
woman doing push-ups for functional strength training

How to Improve Functional Fitness From the Comfort of Your Home

Simple everyday activities can be demanding if your body is not properly conditioned. You might also get injured if you’re not careful enough or if you have poor posture. Thankfully, you can prevent these issues by doing functional training. Functional… ...
A person receiving a leg massage

How to Improve Muscular Endurance

Just like any other aspect of physical fitness, muscular endurance plays a big role in energy consumption and performing our day-to-day activities.  Even though we’re stuck at home and are less active because of the pandemic, it’s still important for… ...
man warming up for knee exercises

What are the Best Knee Strengthening Exercises for Osteoarthritis?

Individuals with osteoarthritis experience immense pain and discomfort that prevents them from doing proper exercise. However, research suggests that people with osteoarthritis can still benefit from regular and controlled exercise. This blog will talk about the symptoms of osteoarthritis, its… ...
Man running on a trail

How to Run Better: 6 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

The world is finally starting to loosen lockdown restrictions as vaccination rollouts continue. As a result, people are able to maintain a semblance of normalcy as they return to their regular pre-pandemic routine.  So what better way than now to… ...
a person standing on a weighing scale

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss: Which is Better?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, everyone was forced to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the disease. In turn, everyone’s daily routine was disrupted. Schools were shut down. Employees started working from home. And the result: people… ...

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 16 posts

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