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Know more about pain recovery and get health, fitness, and nutrition tips from the experts at LifeClinic.

Top Reasons to See A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are here for a good reason–they provide comfort and relief whatever your issue is, whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or can’t sleep because of stress. Still don’t know if you should visit one? Here are the top…

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6 Ways to Stop Eating Junk Food

October 30, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Many of us have been guilty of this: dining in a fast-food restaurant after a long day of work or eating chips and drinking soda while bingeing our favorite TV show on Netflix. It’s understandable since these foods are made…

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Five Pescatarian Recipes to Try at Home

October 26, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

You’ve probably heard the term “pescatarian” before. It’s getting more attention because it’s a great alternative to vegetarianism, but it’s not every day that you hear of someone who follows a pescatarian diet.  So what is a pescatarian diet? If…

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What is Kelp & Is It Good For You?

September 28, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

People usually get their daily nutrients from vegetables or “land weeds” like lettuce, kale, and arugula. And while veggies are a must-have component of a healthy diet, you may want to explore alternative foods that offer the same vitamins and…

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Why Miso Paste is Good For You

September 17, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

There are a lot of condiments in your pantry that can add a zest of flavor to your meals, like vinegar, chili paste, and Worcestershire sauce. But what if we tell you that a unique ingredient can give your dishes…

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How to Do a Full Body Detox

September 14, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Our bodies are constantly flushing out toxins from food, medicine, and supplements to stay healthy. But the human body can sometimes fail to get all these harmful substances out. This could result in issues like brain fog, constipation, low energy,…

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4 Healthy Breads You Should be Eating More

August 29, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

If you’re trying to lose weight, bread may be one of the many things you need to minimize or eliminate from your diet. However, this may be challenging for most people, especially since bread is a diet staple in most…

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11 Vegan Aquafaba Recipes: Cooking with Chickpea Brine

August 24, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

If you’ve opened a can of chickpeas, you’ve probably seen some liquid inside. This liquid is called aquafaba. It sits within canned chickpeas or other kinds of canned beans. Aquafaba is basically “bean water.” You can incorporate this brine with…

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Healthy and Festive 4th of July Recipes

June 30, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Did you know that meal prep can help with stress, mindfulness, and other conditions? So why not shoot two birds with one stone and prepare something healthy yet scrumptious for this year’s upcoming Fourth of July festivities?  Serving delicious food…

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Bad Eating Habits You Should Break in 2021

May 28, 2021 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Eating right is one of the keys to being healthy. However, healthy eating goes beyond the food choices you make on a daily basis or the recipes you cook. It’s also about creating an environment that inspires you to adopt…

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LifeClinic offers chiropractic treatments that can help ease your pain and discomfort. It is one of the three primary services that LifeClinic offers, alongside physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

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