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Restore, maintain and optimize your body.

Pain caused by a medical condition or injury can make everyday living difficult. It can take a lot out of a person to do simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, or exercising. The discomfort also becomes unbearable to the point that one would choose to stay at home and rest instead of socializing with friends and family. Moreover, these injuries take a toll on one’s mood, appetite, sleeping behavior, and cognitive function.

LifeClinic of Ardmore, PA, addresses these concerns through our chiropractic and rehabilitation services. We can identify the root cause of your pain and create a chiropractic treatment plan to treat it. Get holistic care and recover from your condition as quickly as possible.

Achieve the best quality of life you deserve. Visit LifeClinic of Ardmore, PA (inside Life Time) today.

Meet the Team


Dr. David Mann

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. David Mann graduated from Ursinus College and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University. He has been serving patients in the Mainline, Ardmore, and Lower Merion area for over three years and in wellness for over 20. Dr. David was inspired to become a chiropractor after his primary chiropractor growing up helped him through headaches and numerous sporting injuries through the years. He is an avid sports enthusiast playing baseball, football, and basketball among other activities such as boxing, rock climbing and white-water rafting. With all of his activities came various injuries forcing him to end his sports career early but also sparking his desire to help others avoid the same fate as him. He always felt better after having chiropractic work done on him and he performed better so he wanted to enable people to perform their best too.

He has also dealt with addictions due to pain close to home, so he strives to help people without drugs or surgery when he is able. He pursued a long career as the Fitness Coordinator of a physical therapy clinic, transitioning patients into personal training clients to help them achieve their wellness goals and prevent further injury. After a near death experience, Dr. David decided to return to school to take him to the next level of being able to help others. He relocated to St. Louis to earn a bachelor’s in human biology and Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University. He then spent time as a clinical instructor for Logan helping manage and teach the students in inner city clinics focused on serving those less fortunate. Dr. David enjoys using his hands to help people heal and the power of touch can have on people in pain as well as building relationships with patients to help them through the years. It’s extremely satisfying to help people attain their physical and wellness goals through thorough care plans. He has a particular interest in hands on modalities and enjoys using A.R.T., IMJT, instrument assisted soft tissue work being a trained massage therapist as well as application kinesiotape. Dr. David can utilize all of his skills and the cutting-edge amenities LifeClinic has to offer for the benefit for the patient to Restore, Maintain, and Optimize their health and wellness.

He is already a Life Time Member, and enjoys bringing his family to the gym as he likes to exercise regularly partaking in boxing, swimming and taking other classes with his twin boys, weight training and taking yoga. He has worked with patients of all ages from toddlers to the elderly and pro athletes. He is dedicated to finding the roots cause of the patients’ issues and offering a long-term solution to keep you thriving instead of simply surviving.

Ardmore, PA Chiropractic Services

Neck & Back
Neck & Back
Shoulders & Arms
Shoulders & Arms
Hands & Wrists
Hands & Wrists
Feet & Ankles
Feet & Ankles
Hips & Knees
Hips & Knees
Athletic Performance
Athletic Performance
Work & Auto Accidents
Work & Auto Accidents

Our Ardmore, PA clinic uses various methods and techniques in treating your musculoskeletal pains and injuries, including the following:

Spine Alignment

A misaligned spine doesn’t only affect your posture. It also causes chronic headaches, fatigue, and pain in various areas of your back, specifically the lower lumbar area. Chiropractic care corrects your vertebral joints using manually controlled force from a professional or a tool.

Hip Alignment

When your hips are uneven, usually appearing as one hip being higher than the other, it means you have a lateral pelvic tilt. This condition often comes with muscle tightness, poor posture, and a protruding stomach. Through our hip alignment procedure, we can resolve these issues and improve your quality of life.

Back Alignment

Chiropractic care can relieve the pain you feel in the different regions of your back. It removes the need for invasive treatment of acute and chronic back pain. The techniques done in a back alignment procedure are similar to those used for spine alignment.

Full Body Adjustment

LifeClinic of Ardmore provides a holistic treatment for all your body pains and stress. A full body chiropractic adjustment targets your body’s different points to help soothe discomfort and improve blood circulation.

Apart from chiropractic care, LifeClinic of Ardmore also offers rehabilitation services. We can help you recover from an accident, operation, and other medical conditions. Be on the right track to recovery and go back to your normal way of life. 

Accident Injury Rehabilitation

After meeting an accident and experiencing trauma to the body, you may need rehabilitation to recover from your injuries. Accident injury rehabilitation aims to improve your mobility and increase your strength. It can treat your soreness, pain, movement impairments, and muscle stiffness.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Athletes are always at risk of getting injuries or accidents because of constant training and competing. Our rehabilitation services treat sports-related injuries from strains, sprains, knee injuries, and fractures. We can help make your recovery comfortable and quick so you can go back on the court or field as soon as possible. 

Work Injury Rehabilitation

The workplace is also a site where you can meet an accident. You may slip on a wet floor, trip down a flight of stairs, bump into a door, or get your fingers stuck on a drawer. Regain productivity and efficiency after a full recovery through our rehabilitation services.

Pre- and Post-operative Care

Our Ardmore clinic also treats patients who are preparing or have just undergone surgery. We help our patients physically and mentally prepare for surgery by informing them what happens during the surgery and what to expect after it.

LifeClinic of Ardmore, PA, offers chiropractic care and rehabilitation services in treating different musculoskeletal conditions. Below are some of the many conditions we can address:


Arthritis is the swelling of one’s joints. It decreases your range of motion, making everyday activities more difficult. It is a rheumatic condition that becomes more common the older you get. Medical professionals suggest various treatments with the general goal of reducing symptoms to improve the quality of life. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Extremity Pain

Extremities are the limbs or appendages of the body. Your upper extremities, including the arms, shoulders, and neck, experience pain due to wear and tear. On the other hand, pain in the lower extremities like the legs, feet, and ankle area is due to poor posture or trauma. 


Scoliosis is defined as the sideways curvature of the spine. It commonly occurs just before puberty. Diagnosing scoliosis is easy because there are evident visual signs such as uneven shoulders, waist, and a more prominent shoulder blade. While most scoliosis cases are mild, some develop to become more disabling such as hindering proper breathing. 

Lower Back Pain

The lumbar spine or lower back is located just below the ribcage. It is a structure of bones, muscles, and nerves that work together to provide you with the support and flexibility you need. Lower back pains cause a stabbing or shooting sensation, making it harder to move or stand upright. While most lower back pains often heal naturally, some cases may require the help of a doctor.

Upper Back Pain

The upper back portion of your body can be found from the base of your neck down to the bottom of the ribcage. The twelve bones that make up the upper back can be the location of your pain. It is often caused by poor posture, an injury, or the overuse of a muscle. 

Dizziness & Vertigo

These two conditions often come together. Dizziness affects your eyes and ears and causes a lightheadedness feeling, wooziness, and imbalance. In addition to these, vertigo brings a spinning sensation as if your surroundings are moving, making you lose your balance. 

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