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Syosset, NY Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

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LifeClinic of Syosset, NY

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Meet the Team

David Lipetz - Physical Therapy

David Lipetz

Physical Therapy

David Lipetz graduated from Rutgers University and received his graduate degree from New York Medical College in Valhalla N.Y. He is dual board certified in spinal disorders and clinical orthopedics. He has been serving patients in the Garden City, Nassau County and Mineola area for 21 years. David was inspired to become a physical therapist from being a division I athlete and exposure to sports medicine daily. He was incredibly intriguing in how his team doctors would keep the athletes whole by maintaining the human body both physically and mentally. Additionally, he knew that he wanted to work in an environment in which he had direct one on one contact with other people that would result in an immediate change in their daily lives. To him, this was the most powerful motivating factor in choosing this profession. David started his professional career in Los Angeles, CA where he had a private practice and was an adjunct clinical professor for the DPT program at the University of Southern California. He enjoys incorporating “Biohacking” into his practice. Biohacking is the practice of managing your own biology using medical, nutritional, physical, or electronic techniques. His locations are now utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Radial Shockwave Therapy in conjunction with diagnostic ultrasound imaging. David currently lives in Long Island, N.Y., where he runs both the Garden City and Syosset locations. He is also the creator of RIPS which is an educational tool on injury management for doctors and trainers. RIPS is utilized across the country. In his spare time, David enjoys spending quality time with his family and watching his daughter compete in elite gymnastics throughout the country.

Dr. Zachary Spero - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Zachary Spero

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Zachary Spero graduated from Pennsylvania State University and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. He has been serving patients in the Syosset, Nassau County, and Jericho area for six years. Dr. Zachary was inspired to become a physical therapist after his father exposed him to chiropractic care at a very young age. Having a father who was also a chiropractor, he was exposed to a holistic approach to health and wellness from ever since he can remember. He enjoys the fulfillment of assisting people on their journey to bettering their lives. The injury or problem they are seeking treatment for is an opportunity to change their perspective on how they are currently living and can completely change their health trajectory. Dr. Zachary has interest in and focuses on manual therapy and high-level sports rehabilitation, maintenance, and optimization.

Dr. Bennett Felder - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Bennett Felder

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Bennett Felder graduated from NYIT with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences Cum Laude and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Stony Brook University. He has been serving patients in the Syosset, Nassau County, and Jericho area Dr. Bennett was inspired to become a chiropractor because both his parents are Chiropractors and he was raised his whole life with their values being instilled in him. Their values lead him to the health field and inspired him to help others in a holistic approach. He was a basketball state champion and has been involved with sports his whole life. This allowed him to see the importance of maintaining and improving on oneself to be the best athlete one can be. It also showed him that injuries happen no matter how prepared you are. He wanted to be a PT to help athletes and everyone to recover from their aliments, but also help them improved in the activity that they love. What he enjoys most about treatment is the connection he gets to make with his patients. He believes in treating patients in a holistic manner and not just a specific diagnosis. Being able to develop meaningful connections with patients helps him to find the whole story behind what’s truly going on. Dr. Bennett has interest in injury prevention and developing his own prevention protocols. He plans on getting his McKenzie and CSCS certification.

Dr. Mina Pyun L.Ac - Acupuncturist

Dr. Mina Pyun L.Ac


During the COVID pandemic, Dr. Mina Pyun L.Ac. was able to successfully complete her certification in flexology(stretching) from Brad Walker’s (aka the Stretch Guru) program. She wanted to create a treatment modality that is effective and approachable by EVERYONE. She combined her extensive knowledge from acupuncture school, chiropractic school, and stretch academy and created “Acustretch”. Acustretch is application of pressure on acupuncture points while stretching. Basically Acupressure + Stretching. With the pressure, we can obtain a deeper stretch for the patients and allow more lasting relief. Acustretch can be used in combination with neurofunctional acupuncture (acupuncture on muscle trigger points) or on its own. Both ways it will still be effective. For needle phobic patients, Acustretch is a way to introduce the concepts of acupuncture without the needle.

After graduating from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and public health as minor she attended University of Bridgeport for a year in the Doctorate of Chiropractic program. This is where she found her calling elsewhere in oriental medicine and transferred over to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine located in New York(renowned school for oriental medicine). She went through vigorous training for 3 1/2years (3,465 hours) including 9 intern shifts (540 hrs) where she gained the diverse patient experience. While attending school, she received additional training from Dr.Hongsoon Kim L.Ac KOM who got his training from Korea as an Oriental Medicine doctor. For over 5 years she shadowed him and attended his lectures to learn the Korean 4 needle technique(SAAM)*. During her training, she has worked with more than 500 difficult cases.

Mina has been in practice for 9 years. The patients that have approached her, vary from simple pain management to autoimmune conditions that are difficult to treat with Western medicine. She has also specialized training in cosmetic acupuncture for scars, discoloration, wrinkles, etc. Cosmetic Acupuncture focuses on bringing blood circulation into the face.

She had success treating infertility patients as well as various females with gynecological issues such as amenorrhea (no menstruation), dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, infertility, etc. Other conditions that she has treated are: smoking cessation, stress management, Gastrointestinal conditions (diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux), post-surgical rehabilitation, Arthritis, weight loss, skin problems, and cosmetic (facial care, reducing appearance of scars..), psychological (anxiety, depression, insomnia)

Currently she is part of the East Coast Constitutional SAAM Research Association where she assists Dr.Hongsoon Kim spread his knowledge to other acupuncturists /future acupuncturists.

**The Korean 4 Needle (SAAM) technique is less invasive yet intense and stimulates the channels of the body to regulate the body to its normal healthy state. Patients have experienced longer effects of the treatment with this technique.

** Oriental medicine focuses on helping the body regain its healthy state by moving the qi (energy that moves the blood and fluids within the body) and blood that is stuck, and nourishing whatever is weak and sedating whatever is overpowering.

Syosset, NY Chiropractic Services

Neck & Back
Shoulders & Arms
Hands & Wrists
Feet & Ankles
Hips & Knees
Athletic Performance
Work & Auto Accidents

Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy uses the hands to ease pain, improve mobility, and restore the function of your affected soft tissues or joints. This form of physical therapy involves a variety of hands-on techniques like massage therapy, joint manipulation, and soft tissue mobilization.

In massage therapy, your therapist will rub your soft tissues to relieve pain. Meanwhile, joint manipulation involves applying a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to your affected joints. The technique could help your joints glide again.

Our therapists can mobilize your soft tissues or joints to improve their movement, as well. Soft tissue mobilization helps your muscles break adhesions and reach optimal function. Joint mobilization helps your joints regain normal movement.

Physical Therapy Modalities

Our therapists can also address your condition through physical therapy modalities. These tools can help strengthen, ease, and heal affected muscles. Your condition, needs, and goals help us choose the right modality for your treatment.

Heat and cold therapies and ultrasound machines are some modalities that we use. Heat therapy can help you ease your pain, increase your mobility, and move without pain. We could also perform cold therapy for less circulation and swelling as you heal. On the other hand, ultrasound machines produce sound waves that enable better circulation and faster recovery.

Physical therapy modalities also include electronic stimulation devices, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices, and light therapy.

Therapeutic Exercises & Functional Training

Therapeutic exercises and functional training are also integral parts of our physical therapy program. Both treatments will help you move and work better as you recover and return to daily life.

Therapeutic exercises are exaercises that help you correct musculoskeletal problems and move better. You can also avoid or decrease health-related risk factors and reach optimal health by performing these exercises. Therapeutic exercises range from range-of-motion to conditioning exercises.

Functional training gets your body ready to perform daily activities. This program could help your body work independently, address pain, and increase mobility.

Special Services

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy involves directing radial shockwaves to an affected area with an applicator. In turn, the therapy helps your body heal naturally. Acoustic wave therapy can address conditions like tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and jumper’s knee.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy offers several benefits. For one, it’s a non-invasive solution to chronic pain. Your therapist won’t need to administer anesthesia or recommend medication, either. Furthermore, the ESWT procedure triggers fewer side effects. It could help resolve acute pain, as well.

NormaTec Compression

NormaTec compression therapy helps your body recover from injury through its pulse technology. The technology uses gradients, pulsing compression, and distal release techniques for faster recovery. Pulsing compression helps fluids flow and gradients help fluids move in the right direction. Meanwhile, distal release keeps fluids from backflowing after therapy.

Apart from faster recovery, NormaTec compression can help your muscles feel less painful and more relaxed. This therapy could help ease inflammation, too. Other benefits of NormaTec include better flexibility and range of motion, less water building up in your body, and increased blood flow.

Conditions We Treat

Foot Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Foot pain is any form of pain felt in the foot. This type of pain covers plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the thick tissue across the bottom of your foot feels painful. The condition could hurt the bottom of your heel or mid-foot area.

Extremity Pain

This type of body pain affects your limbs. Arm and leg pain are two common forms of extremity pain. Arm pain can occur anywhere in your arm, while leg pain can affect any part of your leg. You could get any of these conditions from overuse, injury, or ailments like arthritis.

Repetitive Strain Disorder

Repetitive strain disorders are conditions triggered by repetitive movement. Activities like typing, holding tools, and training for sports can lead to a repetitive strain injury. You could also be at risk for this condition if you’ve been injured or diagnosed with a condition like a torn rotator cuff. Carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis are among the common repetitive injuries.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is the discomfort affecting your hip joint. This form of pain could occur in your groin or thigh, rather than your hip. A painful hip could stem from inflamed tendons, several types of arthritis like osteoarthritis, and fractures. Limping, joint or groin pain, and swelling are some symptoms of hip pain.

Muscle Strains

Strains happen when you overextend or injure your muscles or tendons. Common causes of these injuries include sports, exercise, accidents, and repetitive motions. When you strain your muscles, you could experience spasms, joint pain, or swelling. A strain could limit your flexibility and range of motion, too.

What to Expect

1 Examination

During your 1st visit, our providers will hear the story of what brings you in, perform a new patient examination to determine the root cause of your problem, and briefly summarize what was found.

The examination consists of motion tests, palpation, reflex testing, and muscle strength, to help identify dysfunction in movement patterns and poor muscle engagement.

2 Report Of Finding

During your second visit, your provider will recap what was found in the examination, discuss a solution, review what your personal contribution to care will be, and begin treatment on that day.

3 Daily Appointments

On each subsequent visit, our providers will perform routine assessments to ensure you are track with your treatment plan and provide treatment.

Treatment visits typically consist of a combination of:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments: restores, maintains, and optimizes human function by eliminating interference within the joint and soft tissue thus restoring the synergy between your joints, nerves, and muscles. Chiropractic adjustments are only available during sessions with a chiropractor.
  • Integrated Muscle and Joint Therapy (IMJT): an advanced, active form of soft tissue treatment that effectively integrates the mind, muscular, skeletal, and neurological systems to achieve optimum balance throughout the body. IMJT is a patented technique available exclusively at LifeClinic.
  • Rehabilitation: carefully selected exercises and activities used in a specific sequence in order to reinforce changes made with the adjustment and IMJT. Rehabilitation retrains the body’s “movement habits.”

What Our Patients Say

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