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Know more about pain recovery and get health, fitness, and nutrition tips from the experts at LifeClinic.

Top Reasons to See A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are here for a good reason–they provide comfort and relief whatever your issue is, whether you’re suffering from lower back pain or can’t sleep because of stress. Still don’t know if you should visit one? Here are the top…

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Holistic Treatment for Fibromyalgia: Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

March 25, 2024 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Fibromyalgia affects millions of adults in the United States, making it a familiar struggle for many. Despite its widespread impact, understanding the root causes of this condition remains a challenge, leaving those affected grappling with chronic pain without clear answers. …

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Fall Prevention Exercises and Tips: Enhancing Balance with Chiropractic Care

November 7, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

As we age, the risk of life-threatening falls increases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 36 million falls occur among older adults annually. Shockingly, one in five of these falls results in severe injuries like…

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Promoting Spinal Health in Sedentary Lifestyles: Chiropractic Tips

October 27, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

A sedentary lifestyle, characterized by long hours of sitting and minimal physical activity, affects many, whether working in an office or from home. Beyond the known health risks like obesity and cardiovascular diseases, it often goes unnoticed that it can…

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Chiropractic Techniques for Recovering from Auto Accident Injuries

August 24, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Auto accidents can result in various injuries, ranging from minor discomfort to more severe trauma. In recent years, chiropractic techniques have gained recognition as a valuable approach to aid in the recovery process from such accidents.  By exploring chiropractic techniques…

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Chiropractic Care for Active Seniors: Promoting Mobility and Independence

August 22, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

As people age, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle becomes more important than ever. It’s crucial for active seniors to seek ways to optimize their mobility, promote independence, and foster an engaging and active lifestyle.  In recent years, chiropractic care…

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Chiropractic Techniques for Effective Injury Recovery

August 15, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Injuries can be disruptive and painful, affecting one’s daily life and overall well-being.   In recent years, there has been a growing interest in complementary and alternative medicine approaches to injury recovery.  Chiropractic techniques have garnered considerable attention due to…

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10 Symptoms of Reverse Cervical Lordosis

July 29, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

The spine is an integral part of the body that comprises a series of bones called the vertebrae. Extending from neck to tail, the spine can be categorized into 3 regions; cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Each region of the spine…

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What to Expect Before And After a Chiropractic Adjustment

March 10, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

Undergoing a chiropractic procedure can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. You may not know what to expect before and after the chiropractic adjustment. However, there’s nothing to worry about because the treatment is safe and causes minimal…

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Feeling it Out: 11 Easy Remedies for Pinched Nerves

February 10, 2023 Dr. Reza Alizadeh

When excessive force or pressure is placed on a specific nerve area, it may become damaged, resulting in a numbing or tingling sensation in the affected region. You may suffer from pinched nerves if you feel a recurring “pins-and-needles” sensation…

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LifeClinic offers chiropractic treatments that can help ease your pain and discomfort. It is one of the three primary services that LifeClinic offers, alongside physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

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